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From: nkdnwiltmanorscomcast.net
Subject: My Extreme Naked Night OutThis is a true story.I'm a nudist but more than that, I'm also an exhibitionist. I love getting
naked where I shouldn't. I have an exhibitionist site on Yahoo -
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Nkdnwiltmanors/ . Not only do I get naked
where I shouldn't but I also document the naked dares by photographing them
and then posting them to various sites as well as my own group. Sometimes russian nude angel lolita
do it on my own by using a remote - but more often I have help. I had been
emailing with this guy about going out and doing dares the next time he was
in South Florida. I gave him my phone number but never expected he would
call. Luckily he kept my number and he finally called me and asked if I was
ready for an extreme naked evening out. I said I was. He told me no cameras
were to be used, that this was for his pleasure only. Also I was not to cum
again until that evening.The night we had arranged to meet approached. He called and told me where
to meet him. He told me that I was to be parked and when he pulled up I was
to get out of the car naked with my clothes in my hand and a fanny pack
with just a cell phone in it. He also asked if my cell phone was
programable so certain numbers had certain rings. I told him yes. He
instructed me to program the number he called me with to have a distinctive
ring so I knew it was him. I picked Bolero. We arranged to meet at 11 pm.I arrived at out meeting spot a little early and 5 minutes later he drove
up in a van. (As a side note I was told that when I wrote about this
experience, and he demanded that I write about it, that I couldn't use his
name or any detailed description of him, I was only refer to him as he or
him.)This was my first time meeting him and he was hot. He was in real good
shape, in his 50's though looked younger, very rugged and strong. He told
me if I got into his van that I should expect to be used and exposed. I got
rock hard just listening to himOur first stop was a ball park. He told me he was going in the bleachers
and would call me and give instructions. Before he left , he piled the
clothes I had brought with me in a bag and took them with him. I was
waiting nervously in the van when I heard Bolero. He told me to get out of
the van walk to the home plate - and then run the bases. I did, a little
nervous, because while it was dark it was an open ballfield. After I had
done this I listened to the phone and he told me to go the pitchers mound
and play with my balls. I might add I was totally hard from the get go. He
told me if I came he would leave me there. After 5 minutes of this he
yelled across the field to get back to the van.Our second stop was simple, we went to a gas sation and he told me to pump
gas naked. Luckily no one pulled up while I was doing to and the dare went
smoothly. Once again, I stayed hard the entire time.As were driving away he told me I had complied very nicely and that I had
made him real horny.He then pulled into a parking lot of a shut store on Federal Highway. He
parked the van tiny lolita boys model towards the rear and told me to get in the back of the
van. I lay down on my back and he kneeled beside me and pulled his cock out
of his pants. His cock was just as good as the rest of the package. He was
a little short of 8 inches and real thick. He told me to suck him off and
for me to cum when he did - not before. If I did , I would have to do a
very daring dare - no choice - and that the dare would be one that I could
be caught. I started sucking his cock while jacking off. His cock tasted
so good, the head was delicious and he young lolita nude nudist
leaked a lot of pre cum. I was
really getting into it and I soon recognized my oncoming orgasm and quickly
stopped jerking myself off while doubling my effort on sucking him. He
noticed and asked me why I had stopped. I told him and he told me that
wasn't the way the game was played. He reached down and grabbed my cock and
started jerking me off. I had also been oozing pre cum and his hand became
slick real fast. I couldn't help it , I was about to cum. I tried to warn
him, but he kept jerking me off. I came - and boy did I shoot. Because I
hadn't shot for a week I let loose a huge load all over my stomach. As soon
as I had finished cumming he yanked his cock out of my mouth and shot all
over my face. He must have shot almost as much as I had , because my face
was soaked. I was still coming down from the high and exhaustion of a
really heavy cum when all of a sudden I felt him grab me and before I could
react he had opened the back door to the van and had shoved me out. When I
caught my breath I tried to open the back of the van but it was locked. I
heard him call to me to come over to the driver side window. He was leaning
out the window smiling. He said he had warned me about not cumming before
him and that I had been bad. He told me he where he was going to drive to,
about 20 blocks away and that I had ten minutes to get there. At ten
minutes he was going to call the cops and report a naked man running around
in that area. He told me that after that time I would have to really be
careful. He then threw me my hat and sunglasses and said I might want to
put them on so anyone who saw me wouldn't be able to recognize me. He also
warned me that if I wiped any of the cum off me that when I got to the van
, he would drive off without me. He threw me my fanny pack with my cell
phone in it and then drove away.I ran to the side of the building ,and tried to figure out the best way to
get the 20 blocks. I was in a panic - my entire body and face were covered
in cum, what if someone saw me, they would know in an instant what I was
covered in. All of nifty loli repon info
a sudden my cell phone went off with Bolero. I answered
knowing that he was going to make it more difficult. He did. He told me he
had changed his mind, he had just called the cops and made the report so I
had better hurry. He told me if I got caught that he would bail me out -
the next morning. He then hung up. Realizing that being cautious was no
longer an option, I pulled the hat over my head, donned my sun glasses and
ran as if my life depended on it. The feelings that were going through my
body were so intense, I was scared to death but also on a tremendous
high. I tried to stay in the shadows but at times I was running next to
some major traffic. I have never run so fast in my whole life - cum was
flying off my body. I couldn't believe I was doing this , I was running
next to cars , completely naked and covered in man juice. People honked
horns at me and I heard some names like pervert yelled at me. I don't
remember all the details but somehow I managed to get to the van. He had
left the back open for me and I jumped in slammed the door and he took
off. He told me it was best to put my clothes on then, evie model nude lolita in case we were
stopped. After I did and joined him in the passenger seat I asked him if he
really called the cops. He handed me a sheet of paper with a number on it
and told me to dial it and when the police station answered to report a
naked man running around the area we had been in. After being transferred
twice I finally got the dispatch person. When I reported it, the dispatcher
told me that they had already had several phone calls about this and were
already looking into it. That really shook me up. I looked over to him and
he said he had only made one call. Apparently a couple of people who had
seen me had called it in.He told me that was it for the night - but he was coming back into town in
a couple of months. Would I be interested in doing something different but
as fun. I just looked at him like he was crazy, but he reached over and
felt me through my lolita art bbs forum shorts. I was rock hard. We rode around in silence until
he found a spot to park, He took my hand and led me again to the back of
the van. Pretty soon I was naked top lolita teen 18 again and his cock was back out of his
pants and I was sucking him again while jerking off. I could tell he was
getting close when he pulled out of my mouth. I asked him if he was going
to cum on my face again and he just smiled and turned me around young russian nude lolitas so I was on
my stomach. He spit on his hand and rubbed it in my ass saying "This might
hurt a little at first but spit is the best lube" I felt his large dick
head press against my as. Quickly I asked "Aren't you going to use a.." but
I was cut off by his ramming his cock in me. He stopped and let me get used
to his cock deep in me. I don't know where he got it from but all of a
sudden I had a bottle of poppers up to my nose. I inhaled in each nostril
and pretty soon I was relaxed and he was fucking me full force. While he
was fucking me he asked if I had fun tonight and being completely lost in
the fuck I yelled back yes. He asked if I was a pervert and I yelled back
yes. He asked if I wanted to do this again next time he was in town and
once again I responded yes. He fucked me good for 20 minutes pausing every
now and then to give a hit of poppers. All of a sudden he started pounding
me real young lolita nude nudist hard with what I knew would be his final assault to my ass. I felt
his cock get even bigger before he bellowed "Take my load bitch". I felt
it as his cock unloaded another cum load this time deep in me. I started
jerking my cock even faster and was about to cum when he stopped me.After getting dressed again we drove in silence the rest of the way back to
my car. He pulled up to my parked car and he let me out, he gave me a deep
kiss and said the next time might not be so public but that lots of photos
would be taken. I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to do more dares with him
and he asked me if 3d drawing underaged lolitta I was still hard. I was. He then chuckled and said I
would be ready when he came back. He then told me to get naked again and
to drive home that way. He also told me to cum on the way home and then he
was gone. There I was , naked and hard again in front of my Miata. Feeling
daring , I pulled the top down, got in the car, jerked off and then drove
home - once again covered in cum.
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